The Battle of the Cobbler – GorillaGrilla

Summertime is a great time for one of my favorite desserts, cobbler, and not just any cobbler, but all cobblers!

If you’re like me, there is simply nothing better than peach cobbler – er, I mean strawberry cobbler – hmmm nope, definitely blueberry cobbler, then there’s apple or blackberry or pineapple! I guess I love cobbler of all kinds equally. So over the next few months, I’m going to be putting cobblers up to a challenge in the Battle of the Cobbler. I’ll need your help in deciding on which cobbler will topple all others in the end.

To throw your two cents in, just comment on any of the cobbler recipes or use hashtags below on social media and we will see which cobbler is supreme!

Now, some of the basic ground rules… The cobbler recipe doesn’t need to be traditional, nor does the fruit need to be traditional. So basically, anything goes! Here are the first three entries:

  • Entry #1: Not Your Average Strawberry Cobbler: This tasty dessert is great for parties or for sharing over good conversation with friends and family. This one is excellent while strawberries are in season, use a little extra sugar when using frozen berries. #strawberrycobbler
  • Entry #2: Peach Cobbler Redux: This traditional cobbler is often made with a biscuit based batter, but we’ve switched the biscuit for graham cracker which gives a great crispy texture. #peachcobbler
  • Entry #3: Kind of Blueberry Cobbler: Let’s face it, blueberry is the quintessential cobbler ingredient. This one is surely a favorite to take the crown. #blueberrycobbler


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