Kalamata Olives are one of the world’s oldest foods, grown by Ancient Greeks in pre-historic times, it’s still grown in the same region today. Back then these olives were used for more than just eating. The oil from these olives was used for making perfumes, medicine, lighting, and heating.

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Creamy Cucumber Soup
Traditionally, soup is hot and eaten on a cold winter day or a blustery spring afternoon, but today I am
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Soft Pretzel Pumpkins
When it comes to fall, there probably isn't anything more comforting that a hot pretzel with either a delicious cheese
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Kale Cheddar Quiche
One of my favorite weeknight meals is quiche. There are many ways to make a quiche, but this particular recipe
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Basil Mushroom Tomato Sauce
Making tomato sauce at home is not difficult and it is much healthier than the preservative-packed jar or can sauce.
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