This recipe is not “lite”, but this recipe is an amazing treat. In trying to keep my family’s Polish traditions going for future generations, I started making pączki with my girls. This recipe differs from my Grandma’s recipe, which she used whiskey, but I prefer to use rum or vodka, plus Grandma’s recipes always call for an army of eggs. While this version is lighter than the recipes she used to make when I was young, I think I captured the taste and the spirit of her pączki.

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Belle Tsum Tsum Cupcake
Being a father of two girls, I’ve developed a soft spot in my heart for princesses, especially my princesses. So
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Gaston Tsum Tsum Cupcake
I think this cupcake would please Gaston, he would consider it a trophy and would place it on display in
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Cogsworth Tsum Tsum Cupcake
Cogsworth is a great character developed for Beauty and the Beast, he is part of the curse and was turned
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Lumiere Tsum Tsum Cupcake
This Beauty and the Beast Tsum Tsum topper is a tribute to Lumiere, the candelabra and one of the many
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