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Beast is an amazing Disney character, he represents the good and the bad in every man. He also represents the redemption of man, showing us all that man always has the opportunity to change and become better.

Beast Facts!

If you ever get the chance to visit Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, I highly suggest making dinner reservations at “Be Our Guest” located in Fantasyland. It is hands down one of the best restaurants in the park and you’ll get to experience of bit of technological magic in real life. You’ll have the opportunity for a photo opt with the Beast, who will tower over most people. The food is fantastic and the service is great. Don’t forget to order the Grey Stuff!

Here is a list of things that you might not know about Beauty and the Beast:

  1. According to Disney, the animator that created Beast said that he created Beast from seven different animals: a buffalo, a wild boar, a lion, a gorilla, a wolf, a bear, and a man.
  2. Disney borrowed the ideas that set some of the major story lines from a French film, La Belle et la Bete. In this classic movie, there is a Beast who also has household objects that come to life.
  3. The original storyboard for Beauty and the Beast was developed by Richard Purdum, a British animation director. This initial storyboard was not a musical and this storyboard was scrapped.  Here’s the video of that storyboard:
  4. In the 1994 original movie, it is presumed that Gaston dies at the very end. For a split second, as he is falling, you can see skulls in his eyes.
  5. Here’s a great trivia question, what is the Beast’s real name? It was never mentioned in the movie, but if you played the Beauty and the Beast PC game back in the day, it reveals the prince’s name as Adam.
  6. What does Scar, from the Lion King, and Gaston have in common? In the first draft of Beauty and the Beast, after Gaston takes the big fall from Beast’s Castle, he survived, only to be eaten by a pack of angry wolves. That never made it into the movie, but the idea was later used to take out Scar in the Lion King.

You will join me for dinner.

That’s not a request!

Cupcake Topper

This cupcake topper, like the other Beauty and the Beast Tsum Tsum cupcakes, is made from fondant, using Wilton Gel Food Coloring. The detail in this topper can be very tricky, but with a set of fondant tools, carving out the pieces to layer the Beast’s face made the job a bit easier.

Keep in mind when using fondant, it can dry out if left out for too long. Keep your unused fondant in a zip bag (squeezing out the air, first) or wrapped tightly in plastic wrap. This will ensure that as you are making your toppers, the next toppers have the same consistency.  We keep our toppers in the fridge until they are ready to be placed on top of the cupcakes, they stay for a few days in the fridge without any noticeable changes to the texture.

Tsum Tsum IOS/Android Game

My kids got me hooked on the Disney Tsum Tsum game by Line. It’s available on both Android and IOS and it’s a simple, connect the character type of game, but you can earn coins and buy your favorite Tsum Tsums to play with. Each of the Tsum Tsums in the game have a special skill they can use to help clear Tsum Tsums. The Beast can clear a diagonal line of Tsum Tsums. Beast’s special skill can be activated by connecting 28 Beast Tsums or less, depending on his skill level. The Beast can also get a high number of points if fully skilled up, topping out at 678 points at skill level 50! You can find Beast in the Premium box in the store.

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