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This little guy is one of the cutest characters from Beauty and the Beast, so we had to include him with our Beauty and the Beast Tsum Tsum cupcake collection.

Chip Questions

So I have to admit, I’m a little perplexed in writing about Chip Potts, the child of Mrs. Potts (the teapot). “Really, how much can you write about a supporting character?”, I thought to myself. Then it dawned on me that somethings in Beauty and the Beast do not really add up. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great movie and I realize that fairy tales always have a little magic in them to explain holes in the story. That being said, Chip appears to be about 10 years old, yet they have been under the curse for at least ten years. So are we to assume that no one ages under the curse, if so, does that make them immortal? Also, if the curse was placed on Mrs. Potts and company before Chip’s birth, how in the world did Chip come about? Lastly, Chip has brothers and sisters in the cabinet with him, it’s noticeable in the movie when Mrs. Potts is rushing Chip off to bed (the cabinet). I think there is a lot going on with this story, more than I first thought. Admittedly, I’m laughing at myself at this moment, wondering what kind of conspiracy theories, maybe better stated as mysteries, lie in other Disney movies.

I suppose not everything can be explained and it is a fairy tale after all! 🙂

Cupcake Topper

This cupcake topper, like the other Beauty and the Beast Tsum Tsum cupcakes, is made from fondant, using Wilton Gel Food Coloring. The cupcake as shown is handcrafted and placed onto a beautiful frosted lemon cake, which was previously baked in a Wilton baking cup. I loved using these baking cups since they did not require a cupcake pan, I simply filled them and baked them on a cookie sheet.

These cupcake toppers are a lot of fun to make, they do require a steady hand and a little bit of artistry, but it’s a great family project to hand out some fondant and have your kids bring their cupcake to life!

Do I still have to sleep in the cupboard?

Tsum Tsum IOS/Android Game

My kids got me hooked on the Disney Tsum Tsum game by Line. It’s available on both Android and IOS and it’s a simple, connect the character type of game, but you can earn coins and buy your favorite Tsum Tsums to play with. Each of the Tsum Tsums in the game has a special skill they can use to help clear Tsum Tsums.

While Chip Potts is not an available Tsum Tsum character in the game, we hope that we will see him soon. I’ve been thinking about what his power might be, Line will probably go with the run of the mill “clear horizonal line”, but I would do something a bit more with Chip.  I think it would be creating bubbles. If you recall from the movie, Chip shows Belle how to blow bubbles. Even though Mrs. Potts would scold him for doing so, it would be a neat interaction in the game!  I think Chip Potts would make the perfect addition to the game, let’s hope we get to see him soon!

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