Beauty and The Beast Tsum Tsum Cupcakes!
I'm a huge Disney fan and the Disney Tsum Tsum is perfect for expressing my Disney side on a plate!
My wife and I made these cupcakes at the special request of our girls. They waited months for the movie to come out, then saw the movie several times and sang the songs at least a thousand times!

I think this cupcake would please Gaston, he would consider it a trophy and would place it on display in the tavern. So here’s a cheap shot Gaston would be proud of!

Meet & Greet

The thing about bad guys is that you need them for a good movie and Gaston is the perfect bad guy in Beauty and the Beast. He’s a hunter, vain to the core, calling him egotistical would be an understatement, and he’s the town hero. Everyone in town loves Gaston, they do not seem to see the real Gaston.  After all, what kind of person sets up a wedding before even proposing. He simply had the expectation that Belle would become his wife. In the end, his ego and arrogance gets the best of him and underestimates the Beast by taunting him and wanting him to fight back, just to prove that he can kill Beast in a fair fight. I bet he regretted that decision as he fell from the castle. Here’s a clip of Gaston from the upcoming live action remake of Beauty and the Beast.

If you’re looking to meet this handsome creature, head over to Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, in Fantasyland is where Gaston has his tavern. You can meet him there everyday, probably hanging out around his fountain. He is one of the most interactive characters found in the Magic Kingdom. There are stories of people saying, “What’s up, Gaston?” with his reply being, “I’m what’s up!” How fun! There are other stories of Gaston sneaking up on people and flirting, innocently, saying things like “I can tell you’re getting lost in my eyes”. My favorite story is when someone said to Gaston, “nice tights!” he quipped back with, “don’t let the muscles fool you. They’re pants!”

I’d like to thank you all for coming to my wedding. But first I’d better go in there and uh, propose to the girl!

…and if that wasn’t enough entertainment, this video put a smile on my face!

Cupcake Topper

Wilton Icing ColorsThis cupcake topper, like the other Beauty and the Beast Tsum Tsum cupcakes, is made from fondant, using Wilton Gel Food Coloring. The cupcake as shown is handcrafted and placed onto a beautiful frosted lemon cake, which was previously baked in a Wilton baking cup. I loved using these baking cups since they did not require a cupcake pan, I simply filled them and baked them on a cookie sheet.

Tsum Tsum IOS/Android Game

My kids got me hooked on the Disney Tsum Tsum game by Line. It’s available on both Android and IOS and it’s a simple, connect the character type of game, but you can earn coins and buy your favorite Tsum Tsums to play with. Each of the Tsum Tsums in the game has a special skill they can use to help clear Tsum Tsums.

While Gaston is not an available Tsum Tsum character in the game, I really hope that we see that handsome devil soon. I’ve been thinking about what his power might be, but it is obvious what his power must be… he needs to clear Tsum Tsums by flexing his neck! Yeah – I’m not sure how you do that with a Tsum Tsum, but a man can dream can’t he?!

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